5 Tips for Hiring the Best Real Estate Agent


It can be challenging to find the best real estate agent between lawn signs, mail flyers and postcard, and online advertisements. Before selecting an agent you have to carefully look at their track record.


Whether you’re planning on buying a new home or selling your existing home, here are 5 tips to help you learn more about your potential real estate agent before you select just one.


Ask for client references and ensure they are properly licensed

Decide on which agent you want to hire

Ensure they have their credentials in order

Ask how long they’ve been a real estate agent and how long they’ve been in business

View their current listings and also inquire about nearby houses for sale


Let’s have a closer look into these 5 tips.

1. Ask for client references and licensing information

To get started, you can ask the agents that you are considering to provide you with a 12-month list of properties they’ve sold, with buyer or seller contact info. When requesting this list be sure to ask the agents if there is anyone that was very happy or unhappy with their services, as it’s good to know what to expect in advance.


If you’re the seller, then when you do reach out to the clients, you can also inquire about


     The asking price and selling price of each sale

     The location of each property

     Salient features (if any)

     How long each property was on the market


This will give you a good idea of the similarities between properties and actual sales prices. It will also be a good indicator of how many time an real estate agent got more than the asking price, or less than - this is their track record. You want to be sure to find someone who has specialized in properties like yours.


When it comes to licensing, you can look up licensing information for each prospective real estate agent by checking with your province’s regulatory body. While inquiring about provincial licensing also be sure to look into complaints and disciplinary actions as well, as this is something you’ll definitely want to be aware of.


2. Decide on which real estate agent you want to hire

Have any of your potential realtors received awards? Perhaps “Realtor of the Year” or something along those lines that is peer-given. What this means essentially is that they were judged and endorsed by people who have worked with them and are familiar with their work.

Endorsements like this certainly go along way.

3. Ensure they have their credentials in order

Real estate agents have specialties. They always forego extra training is other areas of real estate. If they have designations after their name, it is a good indication they’ve received additional training. Now, if they’re a Realtor then they’ve sworn to support a certain code of ethics too.

4. Ask how long they’ve been a real estate agent and how long they’ve been in business

You can speak to the province’s licensing authority since they can let you know the length of time your prospective agents have been selling real estate properties. Alternatively, you can also ask the agents as you’re screening them. The right real estate agent should be:


     Licensed for at least five years

     Actively engage in property sales in your area

     Selling homes within your price range

     Able to demonstrate their knowledge, expertise and market presence.


5. View their current listings and inquire about nearby houses for sale

You can view agent’s listings online on their websites. You can also use our Agent Finder on Savemax.ca, which offers multiple agents and listing services available for hire. If it’s any indication, a real estate agent that knows how to use and market themselves on the internet is a sure winner. This is especially true if they are selling similar properties to one you want to buy and/or sell.


If the agent really has the right experience in the area, they should be able to tell you what listing is available at the drop of a hat, and provide you with all the details you need.