The Realtor Commitment

The load of trust you lay on a Realtor is heavy and it is a big responsibility to deliver. Realtors value this responsibility and your trust. They give their level best to provide you with the best possible real estate deal.

We promise you all the following:

Your Realtor should be Incessantly Trained

Realtor gives complete updates on all the recent laws passed on Real estate. Licensed Realtors should undergo courses to sharpen their knowledge and have updates on new laws and amendments.

Your Realtor is Exceedingly Qualified

Proper Realtor training is very essential and the training is of such a high level that there is a high rate of failure in the pre- registration course. Those who succeed must have knowledge of all the laws pertaining to real estate.

Your Realtor Follows the Book 

A licensed Realtor should guide the clients in the right path and make deal in complete accordance with the laws. Thus, you can have confidence that nothing will be done against the law.

Your Dealings with a Realtor are Assured 

Realtors have their deals insured in case of any error in the execution of the deal. This falls under consumer protection program, which makes the Realtors maintain Error and Omission insurance.

Recourse Options are Open

Local real estate associations take any complaint about a Realtor very seriously. They take prompt actions against misbehaviors or any other issue that may concern the client's interest.

Your Realtor Obtains Access to Multiple Listing Service 

This MLS is a very useful form of estate transaction. They have all the details and information regarding house and land and a Realtor who is linked to the MLS can harness this network to provide necessary information to their clients.

Your Realtor should be a Principled Businessperson

They should follow code of ethics while dealing with a client. This code of ethics is specified by the Canadian Real Estate Association. If there is any complaint regarding the code of ethics, their license may be cancelled.