As a seller, you’ll probably interview quite a few real estate agents before you decide on which one you want to hire to handle your home sale.


Unfortunately, most buyers tend to not be as diligent as the average seller. It’s not uncommon for buyers to hire a newly licensed agent. Since buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions and investments you’ll ever make it’s important that you find the best agent to represent you in your purchase.


Here are some important questions you should when interviewing a Buyer Agent, before you hire them.

What is your experience with my neighbourhood of interest?

During the home buying process you’ll be evaluating various neighbourhoods. The agent you hire will need to quarterback this process. If they are experienced and knowledgeable with the neighbourhood you’re interested in, they should be able to:

       Inform you of neighbourhood changes

       Provide information on school quality

       Supply information on the surrounding area such as parks, shopping malls and stores


The right agent will ask you about your lifestyle during the interview process, which may also lead to other recommendations of areas you may have not yet considered.

What expertise do you have with my property type?

The buying process is different depending on the type of property you buy. Each property type comes it its own challenges and considerations. Property types you may be considering could include:


       Commercial properties




       Residential homes


The agent you hire should be able to teach about the differences, considerations and challenges of each of these property types.


What is your experience in negotiating and what is your style?

If you are expecting your real estate agent to handle your negotiations than great negotiation skills are important to you. Since this is not a huge aspect of licensing course in Ontario, you’ll want to ensure that your potential agent has additional training and certifications such as:


       Negotiation Expert Certification/Designation

       Advanced Master Negotiation Expert Certification/Designation


Any agent that has either of these certifications or designations should easily be able to explain their negotiation approach to you. They should also understand the term BATNA, which stands for Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement since this is the foundation for a majority of negotiations.

Are there any legalities that I need to worry about?

Now if you want to test their knowledge, this a question you’ll definitely want to ask. An experienced real estate agent should know about any and all legal issues that can arise before closing. Your Realtor should know about:


       Closing Issues



       Offers and Paperwork

       Quality of intricate representation

       And much more


How would you approach a bidding war and win?

The right agent should understand the basic requirements of winning a bidding war, which are:



       Deposit cheque

       No conditions

       Relationship with the listing agent

       Showing up

       Having a strategy


If any of the above are missing from this equation, then it’s likely they won’t win the bidding war.


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