Like most home sellers, you may not feel very comfortable with the idea of strangers walking through your home with your personal belongings and keepsakes around. However, it’s important to remind yourself, that this is a home you’ll be moving out of.


You can also remove many or all of your personal belongings and keepsakes for your own peace of mind too. This is also highly recommended by real estate professionals in an attempt to de-personalize your home and set it up for prospective buyers.


Open House Surfing and Scheduling


Most buyers will surf multiple open houses in search for their dream home and the broker they want to work with. When they aren’t surfing it’s likely they’ll be calling brokers to inquire about the next scheduled open house for your listing, so it’s important to schedule more than one.


As real estate professionals, Save Max encourages all sellers to advertise their properties with open houses as a part of your complete home sale marketing plan. Houses can look very different in person when compared to simple online listings and it can work wonders in the success of the sale.


Benefits of an Open House

Although some potential buyers will schedule appointments with their brokers, it’s likely they’ll also attend your open house, should you choose to have one. Why? Well they’re less structured, they don’t need to bring their agent or pay for their agent’s time and they can bring friend or relatives with them for a second opinion. If they’re really interested in buying, they may just want to have a second or third look.


Why Neighbours Might Attend Your Open House?


Your neighbours may know of people who are looking for a property in your area, so telling them about your open house is a very good idea. The buyer who eventually buys your home could be the result of word-of-mouth from your neighbour. Open house ‘buzz’ can get you a better offer, or even create a bidding war for your home, so the more the merrier.

Drop-in Window Shoppers Buy Homes Too!

You may get casual drop-in viewers during your open house, allow it. These visitors may be looking for ideas for fixing up their current homes, but fall in love with yours instead and contact a broker to make an offer.


Ready To Start Marketing Your Home for Sale?


Since there isn’t much of a downside to hosting an open house, aside from cleaning and having to be out of the house for a few hours, why not have one, or two or three?


Make the most effort and do everything possible to sell your home quickly and easily with the help of a licensed real estate agent.


Do you think open houses are important for a sale to be a success? We’d love to hear from you!