Home Preparation Checklist

  • Inside Your Home
  • Outside Your Home

Good looks of your home will help you get good returns. Here is the checklist that can help you enhance the looks of your home.


Inside Your Home

  1. Floor covering (carpeting, tile, linoleum, hardwood, etc.)
  2. muck or tinge
  3. Unwarranted wear or tear?
  4. Area rug clean and stain-free
  5. Walls and Ceilings
  6. Dust, fingerprints or other dirts
  7. Nail split or tape remains?
  8. Splits, chips, water damage?
  9. Require new paint or new wallpaper?
  10. Normal, radiant colors for voluminous surroundings



  1. Dirt, fingerprints or other stains?
  2. Need to repaint?
  3. Open/close easily without squeal?
  4. Bolt/handles safe and in good condition?



  1. Glass sparkling clean; chip, paint and no crack?
  2. Open/close easily?
  3. Bolts/handles/locks secure, working properly?
  4. Stains and fingerprints on framework or ledges?
  5. Screens spotless and lacking holes?
  6. Storm windows of good quality
  7. Window Coverings (curtains, drapes, blinds, etc.)
  8. Dirt or dust
  9. Unwarranted dent or sun damage
  10. Open/close easily; hardware in good condition?
  11. Ventilation (ventilation makes room more beautiful)
  12. All bulbs are in good condition
  13. Damaged switches, visible wires?
  14. Table and floor lamps working well


Pet Areas

  1. Hygienic, organized, no odor?
  2. Entrance and Hallways
  3. Tidy and absence of clutter or obstructions
  4. Welcome carpets) spotless and appealing
  5. Private and Storage Areas
  6. Dirt free and well organized?
  7. Litter and unwanted waste disposed?
  8. Hanging clothes are well organized and not wedged together?
  9. Shoes and boots neatly arranged in the rack?



  1. Each and every surface is glittering and spotless?
  2. Counter-tops ordered, how about daily use appliances?
  3. Refrigerator is clean from inside and outside?
  4. Ordered? Stale food disposed?
  5. Frost detached? Light bulbs functioning? (purchasers perspective!)
  6. Oven/stove-top sparkling? Burner trays cleaned?
  7. Sinks tidy; faucets funtioning well and leak-free?
  8. Garbage disposal in good working condition
  9. Wardrobes/store cleaned, planned?
  10. Dishwasher spotless and neat
  11. Living Room/Dining Room/Bedrooms/Den/Study
  12. Everything carefully vacuumed/dusted?
  13. Additional furniture removed for roomier atmosphere?
  14. Existing furniture clean and well -conditioned
  15. Wood and other surfaces sparkling and elegant
  16. Bookshelves tidy, prearranged and not messy
  17. Children’s games/toys well organized?
  18. Brittle items taken and packed
  19. Smaller valuables detached/ protected
  20. Window coverings open for ventilation
  21. Mirrors spotless and in good condition
  22. Ashtrays cleared and hid from visitors?
  23. Fireplace hygienic, firewood/kindle stacked neatly?
  24. Bathrooms/Powder Room
  25. Every surface sparkling clean
  26. Counter-tops organized, free of clutter? Fresh soap
  27. Sinks dazzling clean; faucets functioning well?
  28. Tub and shower surfaces spotless
  29. Towels clean and hanging tidily?
  30. Shower curtain unsoiled and looks good?
  31. Toilet spotlessly clean and well functioned?
  32. Closets ordered and dirt -free?
  33. Medicine cabinet fresh, “personal items” taken away
  34. Cellar/heater Room/Garage/loft/store
  35. Spotless and planned
  36. Mess and all waste disposed?
  37. Left over items stored/stacked properly?
  38. Everything vacuumed/dusted


Outside Your Home

  1. Organization
  2. Exterior surfaces neat and well conditioned?
  3. Front door exterior spotless and appealing
  4. Attic channel and downspouts spotless and well-conditioned
  5. Gates open/close well; hardware functioning?
  6. Fences/decks look new, in good condition?
  7. Sidewalks and walkways in good condition
  8. Driveways clean, in good condition?
  9. Backyard and Surroundings
  10. Driveways, sidewalks clear of blizzard, ice?
  11. Lawns trimmed/shaped frequently; large uncovered areas revamped?
  12. Leaves taken away from lawns and flower beds
  13. Trees trimmed, hedges neat?
  14. Flower beds tidy and neat; dead plants restored?
  15. “Scrap” and rubbish scrap removed?
  16. Garden furniture spotless, ordered, well arranged?
  17. Bicycles, children’s toys arranged neatly, out of way?
  18. Firewood prearranged and neatly heaped?
  19. Yard free of “doggy deposits”