The REALTOR Pledge

We understand that you are depending on us with the most valued possession of your life, your home, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Here is what we promise to offer you:

A Highly trained REALTOR

The REALTOR training is rigorous and often candidates could not even pass the pre-registration courses, and the ones who achieve success in this training, possess great knowledge on wide range of subjects starting from family law to housing construction.

Your REALTOR is in continuous training process

In order to ensure that the knowledge of the licensed REALTORS is up to date we ensure that they go through continuous training courses.

Everything done by your REALTOR is according to the book

A licensed REALTOR is registered under provincial law which governs the trading of real estate. So your REALTOR will do everything exactly according to the laws and rules.

Your REALTOR is an ethical person for business

It is essential for the REALTOR to adhere to the Code of Ethics of the Canadian Real Estate Association. Different provinces have also added their own codes to this list. So while engaging with a REALTOR be assured that your interest will be always put first.

Your dealings with the REALTOR is covered >

Consumer protection programs of different provincial regulators often require the REALTOR to maintain Errors and Omissions Insurance, and often the consumer deposits are also insured under these programs.

The recourse opportunity

Your REALTOR is entitled to access the Multiple Listing Service or MLS of the Real Estate Board

The MLS system is considered as the most effective tool for selling or buying any property. It is a network formed by REALTORS that helps through information sharing and cooperative marketing for facilitating selling and buying homes.