Do it yourself or go for a REALTOR®

It is a fact that everyone who wants to sell their house come to a REALTOR® at the end. If you are planning to sell the house yourself, which involves lot of time and legal processes, then you need to answer these questions.

Will you save the real estate commission?

The buyers look for more negotiation when they get to know that the owner himself is selling his property as they want keep the REALTORS® fee for themselves.

Are you an expert in real estate law?

Real estate law, which is complex and wavering, is required in every phase of selling your property. A wrong step can totally ruin you sales leading you to legal actions.

How many real buyers can you reach?

Selling a home is something more than signing on the legal papers and taking money. You need to market your property, provide impressive ads to reach the potential buyers. You may use the web with no access to and hence you will be restricted from posting your home for sale ad in the database.

Do you have ample free time?

Marketing a property is a full time job. If you are already a full time worker, will you be able to respond to your clients at the right time? How will you judge that the caller is the right buyer?

Everybody who calls is not eligible to get into your house. How will you convey this to them? Lack of expertise in the field will keep you occupied with guessing of the potential buyer. Many buyers whom you feel are potential will quote a very low price which may be a loss to you and few of you may drive the good buyers away by quoting higher price as you may not be aware of the prevailing market pricing.

How good are your selling skills?

Are you good in dealing with buyers who take you on the wrong track? Can you deal with them bravely? How will you react on their negative comments on your home? Best way to avoid all this is to approach a REALTOR®

Can you effectively bargain to keep the deal?

Direct seller to buyer deals fail in most of the cases when special offers come into picture. REALTORS® maintain professionalism in every deal and are the best people to bargain with the potential buyers.