Listing your home at the right price can obviously help a home sell faster, but what else might be a powerful shift?

There are many other factors that play an important role to lead your house to the perfect sale, and one very important among them is STAGING.

Few years before, people had no idea what home staging is or why it is an important stage of home selling process. Back then, just scrubbing the home a bit and hiding the ugly looking pieces were considered sufficing for putting the For Sale sign in the yard. But, as time changed more and more home sellers started leaping in the market, standards raised and so for the need of staging the home.

We all know that not all homes are equal; certain changes can make the difference between a quick sale and one that stagnates on the market. Remember, picky buyers are not looking for only a well priced but well appointed and cared-for home. You automatically get a good feeling when you walk into a home that looks good and professionally staged. After all, who wouldn’t like to buy a gorgeous looking home?

Some people find it pointless to invest time/money in staging the home thinking that it might be expensive and time consuming, whereas staging only involves cleaning and decluttering which sellers would anyway have to do since they will be moving. Regardless of how appropriately you price the home, it is still important to renovate and stage your home. Home stagers basically use their expertise of colors, fabrics, décor items and furniture to revamp the home. Staging is not centered on building a home to suit your personal everyday needs and comforts but rather on making it look more appealing and ravishing to the buyers. There should be no forgotten spaces in any house for sale. Every closet and corner should be put to work by fitting in smart storage or furniture, to make it seem not only bigger but more appealing and usable to potential buyers.

Sole idea is to beautify the entire house to hide flaws and space problems to make it look more appealing. It is crucial to remove all clutter from the home before showing it to potential buyers because buyers need to be able to picture themselves in the space. Try putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes and then determine how would you like the house to look. Invite friends, neighbors and real estate professionals over to tour and judge the overall aesthetics of the home. This might include removing some furniture to make rooms look bigger, and putting away family photographs and personal items. Proper staging can definitely help you sell your home faster, and possibly even for a higher price. In some recent years stagers have managed to gain enough knowledge on what buyers want, so the home selling process works out really well after your home is professionally staged to sell.

 Selling a home in itself is a very stressful and tedious job and requires little extra work initially.

Here’s a tip home sellers can use right away: The first important thing for home sellers to consider is to choose the Best Realtor to represent them and the property with professional photos and perfect staging, and when you hire Save Max to sell your home, we do everything we can to get the home in excellent shape first. When our stager comes to take a look at your home they look at your home with fresh eyes and see both the strengths and flaws that you may not have noticed all these years living in the house as a homeowner.

To sum up, a well-dressed, dazzling house will always amass more attention of the buyers and won’t last long on the market, whether market is cold or hot.

In cold market, buyer will always settle for the best presented home. They would never want to spend time and money fixing up a bad looking, appalling home. Also, because home staging has only become popular over the last few years, there have not been a large number of actual studies and surveys done. However, the ones that have been done clearly show how important staging is. While some people prefer to hire a home stager prior to putting their same on sale, we recommend that It is best if you have already signed a listing agreement because in Save Max’s business, our agents give you recommendations and then a consultation with our professional Home Stager for Staging the home. So if you wish for your property to sell fast, make it look the best so that buyers go crazy outbidding each other!